Solutions for small businesses and offices

Safety and security in your workplace

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​Solutions for small businesses and offices

Find out how to always keep your business under control

AlfaEvolution has developed an offer to keep your business under control at all times with devices designed for the safety and protection of your property. Solutions include the installation service, our 24-hour call center, the operations center that manages alarms sent by sensors and a system of alerting via SMS and App notifications

  • Small businesses solutions:
    • Security: protect your business from intrusions through a system of sensors and video monitoring
    • Safety: protect your business from fires, gas leaks or water leaks
    • Protection: through the help button you can immediately warn your loved ones of an emergency situation, danger or malaise
  • Office solutions:
    • Security: protect the offices of your business from intrusion through a system of sensors​​

Soluzioni per casa e condominio

How does the receiving and installation of the kit purchased with the policy work?

The company commissioned by UnipolSai for the installation service will send the kit by courier to the installation technician. The technician will contact you to arrange an appointment to install the kit.

  • The kit will be installed free of charge by qualified and authorised technicians.
  • It will be necessary to have electrical sockets available to power the control unit, the camera and the gas sensor (where provided in the kit).
  • The availability of a LAN/Ethernet connection is strongly recommended for optimal system operation.

When installation has been completed, the technician will carry out a test and you will receive a notification of successful installation.​

What is the Unibox control unit?

The control unit (or gateway) is the main device of Unibox. As well as allowing you to arm and disarm the system, the control unit checks if electricity is present and connects and controls all installed sensors. For optimal use of Unibox, it is recommended that the unit is connected to the home network using the cable provided (Ethernet DSL/LAN). If this is not available, Unibox has a pre-installed SIM card that allows connection via a 2G-3G cellular network, although there may be some limitations due to the quality or coverage of the mobile signal in the area.

What is the purpose of the button with the "bell" design on Unibox?

​It is a Panic Button and is used to forward requests for help in case of danger. If the button is pressed, SMS notifications of the request for assistance will be sent to all telephone numbers in the policy.

​​When the button is pressed, if a camera is present, a 7-second video will be recorded, and can be viewed and downloaded within 24 hours via the UnipolSai APP.

Can I request additional sensors?

In case you need additional sensors, you need to connect to the e-commerce platform, accessible through the reserved area of the UnipolSai website, and proceed to select and purchase new sensors. You will only be able to purchase on e-commerce the sensor types provided in the original packaging configuration.

All sensors purchased via e-commerce must be configured with the control unit via UnipolSai App or UnipolSai reserved area.​