Unibox car and motorcycle

How can I contact the installer to install the device for the first time?

You can install the self-installing devices for cars and motorcycles yourself, or at a partner workshop. To do so, contact the toll-free number 800 767878 to identify the most suitable installation workshop.

For professional car and motorbike devices, you should have received a text message with the telephone contact of the installer.​

What should I do if I change the vehicle on which the insurance covers are active?

​It will be necessary to remove the device from the old vehicle while it is still covered by the TPL policy and then, once the TPL policy has been updated with the new number plate, it can be installed on the new vehicle.

  • In case of a professionally installed device: the operation must be carried out by an installer and is free of charge; you can use the installation center that carried out the first installation or another approved workshop
  • In case of a self-installing device: you can uninstall the device yourself or, if you wish, delegate the task to an approved workshop.​

I have received an SMS reminder about the installation/ an error and I haven’t installed the box yet, how can I proceed?

  • Self-installing device: you have to install and activate the device yourself. If you wish, you can have it installed by a partner center.
  • Professionally installed device: you have to contact the installer specified in the message.

I have received a contract creation SMS, how can I proceed?

You must complete the installation within 15 working days from the policy starting date. Non-compliance with this deadline will result in:

  • In case of theft, Unipol will apply a reduction in the indemnity equal to the ratio between the premium that would have been applied for the theft-robbery guarantee without the Unibox and the premium applied by the Company as a result of installing the Unibox, with the limits provided for and reported in the General Conditions of Insurance.​
  • ​In case of a third party liability claim, Unipol is entitled to claim for the amounts to be paid to injured third parties.

After installation of the device, how long does it take to activate the VAS services (e.g. car finder, target area) and the crash detection service?

VAS services (e.g. car finder, target area) can be activated (via APP) whenever you want, from 24:00 of the day after activation of UNIBOX. The crash detection service is available from 24:00 of the day the device is activated.

What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

In case of theft, you will have to report it to the police and send a copy to AlfaEvolution and UnipolSai. You can contact the Security Operations Centre without any cost at 800-585493.

I have found my vehicle after reporting it stolen, how can I proceed?

You must promptly inform the Security Operations Centre to cancel the report by calling 800-585493.

Is it possible to get information about the location of the vehicle?

This is only possible if the Car Finder service has been activated, which is part of the VAS services and allows you to identify the exact location of the vehicle via app. 

How can I notify temporary disconnection of the device for maintenance services?

Whenever any maintenance is carried out on your vehicle that requires the device to be disconnected, you must call the operations center on 800 - 585493 to notify the service.

What is the procedure for returning the telematics device?

The policyholder must go to the affiliated installer for the removal operations or, limited to the Easy, SuperEasy and SuperEasy 2Ruote devices, consign them to the agency managing the contract​​​

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