With the arrival of spring, the desire to enjoy the outdoors on a motorbike returns. If the current restrictions on containing the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus allow it, many motorbikes will be back on the road, so road safety must be everyone's priority.

UnipolTech designs and produces technological satellite devices dedicated to two-wheelers, such as the Unibox 2Ruote family of black boxes, which are able to send timely alerts in the event of crashes or theft, as well as offering various services by collecting data on the use and position of the vehicle.

From July 2020, SuperEasy 2Ruote is available for small mopeds and motorbikes. This is a self-powered device that is easy to install and, in the event of an accident, automatically generates an alert signal to the operations centre, which will activate the emergency services. Using the UnipolSai app installed on your smartphone, you can also configure the notification for exceeding the defined speed limit; in addition, by setting the Target Area service, if the motorbike leaves a defined area you will receive a notification on the UnipolSai App.

An innovative product, a concentrate of advanced technology for small mopeds and motorbikes, which won the MF innovation award in the 'Vehicle and Mobility Protection' category.

The award was received by Flavio Menichetti, Head of “Cars” at UnipolSai, who commented: 

"We are very pleased to receive this award. It is an acknowledgement that should be seen in the context of our supply strategy, which continues to have insurance telematics as one of the cornerstones of our development and our mobility ecosystem. SuperEasy 2Ruote is already a successful product, because its innovative and exclusive features allow us to offer all our advanced technology and distinctive services, even to customers who own motorbikes, especially scooters and small mopeds".

Easy to install, self-powered and with 24/7 support. A concentrate of technology from UnipolTech that won the MF Innovation Award

The SuperEasy 2Ruote device is part of our line of Unibox 2Ruote black boxes for motorbikes, the satellite devices that allow you to travel safely thanks to the presence of high-tech sensors that are activated to handle difficult or dangerous situations, such as theft, moving the vehicle in the absence of the owner and road accidents.

The services that can be activated on Unibox 2Ruote black boxes are various: with the Roadside Assistance guarantee, in the event of an accident or fall, an automatic alert is sent to the operations centre and, if necessary, a tow truck can be sent. Thanks to the notifications on the UnipolSai App, you will be able to know at any time exactly where your motorbike is located. In the event of a fine, you can get help to check whether the offence has been wrongly attributed. In case of theft, you will be able to use satellite tracking to locate your motorbike.

A range of services enabled by the GSM module for the transmission of information to the operations centre, the GPS module to ensure exact geolocation, the accelerometer to detect stresses on the vehicle and a microprocessor with physical memory for data processing.