Since 2008, more than 1,000 children worldwide (nine in our country) have died forgotten inside a car. It sounds unbelievable, but unfortunately that is the tragic account presented by the facts. Fatal distractions, difficult to explain blackouts, but the risk of leaving a child in a car, in the heat, for a long time in a critical condition, is real. That's why the utmost care is required even during the daily routine, especially when frenzy and haste give us no respite.

A solution from UnipolSai helps drivers maintain a high level of attention when transporting a small child in the car, avoiding forgetfulness. For the past couple of years the Qshino anti-abandonment device has been on the market, designed and developed by UnipolTech. Judging by the numbers, this is a priority: over the last three years, anti-abandonment devices have sent over 29 million alarm notifications. All available measures and technologies must therefore be adopted to avoid distractions that could prove fatal.

About the legislation: in Italy, the “Salva bebè" (Save the Baby) law (n. 117/2018 and the subsequent implementing decree n. 122/2019) is in force, which makes it compulsory to adopt devices inside cars that can alert the driver when he leaves the vehicle while leaving a child, up to 4 years old, inside. The obligation concerns the installation on board vehicles of an alarm device to prevent the abandonment of children. Those who do not comply with the rules risk heavy penalties, ranging from 81 to 326 euros and the loss of five points on their driving licence (in the event of a repeat offence within two years, also suspension from 15 days to two months).

In Italy it is compulsory to adopt devices that warn the driver when he leaves the car while leaving a child in the passenger compartment. Qshino can be installed in all types of cars, it sends a notification to the app, installed free of charge on the smartphone, and triggers alert calls to useful numbers​​​

Qshino is the anti-abandonment child seat cushion that fits in the car seat of all cars and, should the driver leave the car and the child on board, sends a notification to the app installed free of charge on the smartphone. There is no need to click on any power button, the device automatically switches on when it detects the presence of the child on it. Interaction with the driver takes place via the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the anti-sleeping device. If the driver steps away from the vehicle and takes the smartphone with him, as soon as the Bluetooth connection between smartphone and pillow is lost, the app beeps and a notification is displayed. If the notification goes unanswered, Qshino alerts previously configured numbers of trusted persons, indicating the location of the vehicle, if geolocation is active on the smartphone. Through the App it is also possible to delegate up to five different users who can transport the child (grandparents, babysitters, etc.), so that their smartphone can connect with the pillow and receive any alarms that signal abandonment. Reconnection between smartphone and anti-abandonment device is automatic in case of Bluetooth connection problems. SMS sent to saved numbers are free of charge and do not affect the SIM credit. The batteries are replaceable and easy to find, and the fabric cover is washable to ensure proper hygiene inside the car.

It is a universal device that provides a series of alarms and alerts to always keep awareness high, avoiding dangerous distractions. An accessible, non-invasive technology within everyone's reach that is activated by installing a simple app.​