Connectivity with 5G technology represents a great opportunity for businesses and citizens: from industry to media, from healthcare to video games, to the world of insurance. 5G is the glue that binds Big Data, IoT, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0, a range of activities that previous 3G and 4G standards could not enable. It is not just about faster connectivity, it is about a revolution in use cases. A very concrete example: in next-generation ambulances, it will be possible to perform in-depth triage for patients in serious condition, connected in real time with the destination hospital, throughout the transport. 

However, at the industry level, it is necessary to ask what challenges companies will face to include 5G in their processes.  This is a central issue because the adoption of this new connectivity cannot be entrusted solely to IT departments, but deep transformation plans are needed, affecting all business divisions, and rethinking the use cases that will be enabled. 

A strategy is needed to evolve the connectivity that companies already use. So, the set of system functionalities changes, as well as their perception by the user, and this change must be planned in detail.

The IT department is not enough, a connectivity strategy is needed to redefine the use cases. For Italy, about 1,2 - 1,3 million of new jobs estimated

It is necessary to deepen each use case, in terms of description of concrete scenarios, defining the responses that the user expects and the sequence in which the interaction takes place. In addition, system analysis and design, implementation and testing activities are required.

In this scenario, the search for skills is crucial for the development of 5G: there are about 200 thousand jobs that are missing but looking at the objectives of the EU Digital Compass, in 2030 there will be 14 million ICT experts. For Italy about 1.2 - 1.3 million new jobs are estimated. Work must be also done on the development of people within companies and public administrations to equip them with the right digital mindset.

5G is a key technology for the adoption of our technological solutions: in UnipolTech we aim to develop the necessary skills to improve the lives of our customers by conceiving, designing, and implementing value-added services and innovative solutions.

We employ a team with deep technical skills and the ability to open creative discussions, to discover true innovation. We start from a vertical background, but with an aptitude for developing the intuition that allows new ideas to take hold.



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