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​​​Qshino, the anti-abandonment device

With Qshino you and your baby travel more peacefully

Qshino is the universal anti-abandonment device that makes your car seat “smart”. It consists of a pillow to be placed on the child car seat and the Qshino App: the app that warns you if you leave your child in the car and walk away. It is available in UnipolSai Agencies, on Amazon and in the main large-scale retail channels. For more information about Qshino, visit the dedicated website


How should I position the anti-abandonment pillow in the car seat?

The anti-abandonment pillow must be positioned over the seat; the central safety buckle of the seat must be passed through the slot provided. We advise you to take some precautions if your car seat is not equipped with a central safety buckle (e.g. the application of an adhesive velcro as a fastening system in order to make the positioning of the anti-abandonment pillow on the seat more stable).

How can I know if the anti-abandonment pillow works?

When you place your baby on the anti-abandonment pillow, you will hear 1 beep to confirm that the device has detected its presence. A second beep, longer than the first, notifies you that the smartphone-pillow connection has been successfully completed; in this circumstance, on the Application, the anti-abandonment pillow will be in “connected” state. You can also carry out the following test to make sure it works: place your child on the anti-abandonment pillow, pair the device with your smartphone, move away from the anti-abandonment pillow with your smartphone until you receive an acoustic and visual alarm.

What is needed to complete the registration process?

In order to successfully complete the registration process, it is necessary to:

  • be the holder of an e-mail account on which we will send you communications relating to your Qshino;
  • have a smartphone with an internet connection (WiFi or mobile data network).

What is required for the smartphone and the anti-abandonment pillow to automatically pair up?

In order to enable automatic pairing, as well as to use the service correctly, it is necessary that the child is sitting on the anti-abandonment pillow, that the Bluetooth® connection is active on the smartphone and that the anti-abandonment pillow is in close proximity to it. The connection is guaranteed if the application is open or active in the background.